BaseCamp Session 1 will begin Wednesday, October 4th
at 5:45pm in the Friendship Center. Scroll down to register!

In the meantime, join us for BaseCamp Summer Hangouts!

BaseCamp Summer Hangouts

Join us every 2nd & 4th Wednesday
6:00pm-7:30pm at the playground!

We want to allow for continued times of dinner and discussions in a laid-back and easy-going summertime style, so consider dropping in for one or more of our BaseCamp Summer Hangouts

Things to know:
-Bring your own dinner, we'll have a table to place any items you wish to share with others
-We'll have some tables and chairs set up, but feel free to bring a camp chair or picnic blanket
-All are welcome, drop in for a little while or stay as long as you wish
-No cost & no registration required
BaseCamp FAQ for the 2023-2024 Year:

What is BaseCamp?
BaseCamp is our Wednesday night opportunity to connect, learn, and grow. The heart and vision behind this Wednesday night program has remained the same over years of change and growth, that in response to His love for us we love God by loving people.  We do this by equipping, encouraging, supporting, and challenging people into the mission God calls them to in every aspect of their lives.  This is what we call living out the Adventure of Faith.  

As the BaseCamp leadership team met in 2022 to plan, we prayerfully considered the different options and felt led to spend our time at BaseCamp focusing on what can happen around the dinner table.  Really focusing in on the Acts 2:42 principles of breaking bread and fellowship as an opportunity to build relationships, and provide safe spaces and contexts for intentional, faith-based conversations.  

What does this look like?
Each Wednesday evening we will gather around dinner tables in the Friendship Center and participate in a family style meal paired with questions and activities to help us connect and engage in Jesus-centered discussion and fellowship.

Who is invited?
Everyone! Families and those who are single, youth and kids, those who have been at Adventure for a long time and those who have just stepped in the doors.  This is also a great place to invite a friend who isn’t sure what church is all about.  This is for everyone as we explore what God has for us alongside one another.

Are we all together in the Friendship Center for the whole time?  What about kids?  And Youth?
Everyone will start in the Friendship Center together, breaking bread as we eat dinner alongside one another.  There will be guided discussions and simple activities to support our time around the table.  Midway through the evening, we will do a quick clean up of the tables and then break into a more dedicated fellowship portion.  Kids 5th grade and below will head downstairs for games and fun with a few leaders.  Youth will break off for youth group until 8:00.  And adults will have spaces available for further discussion and connection.  

How long will we be at the church each Wednesday?
For most families BaseCamp will wrap up around 7:40 after we come back together briefly at the end of the evening to clean up the room as a BaseCamp family.  Adventure Youth will go until 8pm as we value our youth having this weekly opportunity to connect well with their peers during small group time and through activities.  We will have space available for parents or families to hang out and continue to connect as they wait for their youth to finish.

This is very different, can you give me a better idea of what it looks like each week?
Example Schedule:
5:45: Arrive, check in and pay for dinner, sit at assigned table, play table games
6:00: Important announcements and prayer
6:05: Family style dinner (youth sit at designated youth tables or with their family)
6:30: Begin table activity & discussion (while eating, no rush to finish!)
6:50: Begin clean up of the Friendship Center. All hands on deck!
7:00: Youth dismissed to large group/small group time, kids preschool through elementary dismissed to games, adults to dedicated spaces for discussion and fellowship
7:40:  Kids come back upstairs to meet their parents. Feel free to stay and hang out in the Far Side! *If you have a teen, plan to stay until 8:00 while they finish youth group time
8:00: Youth group ends, everyone heads home

Is there a commitment or cost for BaseCamp this year?
BaseCamp will have three sessions this year.  We ask that as you prayerfully consider coming to any of the BaseCamp sessions, that you try committing to a whole session.  We understand that there are occasional Wednesdays you may not be able to make it, but as we try to pursue genuine connections with one another and building relationships, it is helpful to be present consistently.  

Is there a cost?
In order to ensure that we can continue to provide dinner each week, we ask that you prayerfully consider making the suggested donations based on the size of your household.
Session 1 suggested dinner donation:
 Individual: $5 per night, can be paid by cash or check upon arrival. $35 for session 1 (save $5 by paying ahead), can be paid by cash, check, or online payment. CLICK HERE to pay online for one person.
 Couple: $10 per night, can be paid by cash or check upon arrival. $70 for session 1 (save $10 by paying ahead), can be paid by cash, check, or online payment. CLICK HERE to pay online for two people.
 Family: $15 per night, can be paid by cash or check upon arrival. $105 for session 1 (save $15 by paying ahead), can be paid by cash, check, or online payment. CLICK HERE to pay online for your family. Please note that this is for families of 3 or more people. We do not ask you to pay for each individual above 3 people, as we want to make this affordable.

 If cost is a barrier to your participation in BaseCamp, please send an email to Please plan to come to BaseCamp regardless of if you can pay the suggested dinner donation or not!
 Those who wish to give generously so that others can attend BaseCamp can make contributions at any time during the year.

Who can I talk to if I have more questions?
If you have further questions please let us know!  Email Callie and Cory

How can I register?
Click Here to register. We look forward to seeing you at the table!