In response to His love for us we love God by loving people.
We do this by equipping, encouraging, supporting and challenging people into the mission God calls them to in every aspect of their lives -- this is what we call living out the Adventure of Faith.

BaseCamp will kick off January 5 at 5:30pm!

BaseCamp launch is coming on January 5th at 5:30 pm!  This year will look a lot like last year in that we will be having BaseCamp themed boxes each month, but this year, these will be tying in with the sermon series that we are studying through on Sundays.

The way BaseCamp Boxes work is that on the first Wednesday of the month, you come to the church, bring your own dinner, and enjoy it alongside your church family at 5:30.  At 6, we do a short welcoming, and the kids go to their program while the adults and teens head down to the Worship Center to get acquainted with this month's box and get a general overview of what the month is going to be all about.  At the end of the night, you pick up your BaseCamp Box and take it home to do with your family, or your LifeGroup, or Teen group, or whatever!  For the next three-four weeks, you will work your way through the box following the Field Guide included in the box, doing activities, games, studies, etc.  We try to include everything you'll need to have a successful group in each monthly BaseCamp box.

Here comes our ask- we need people to help host groups!  If you're willing to have a group at your house, or you would be willing to lead a group at the church, please let us know so that we can help place people into groups if they need help finding one!  If you don't feel comfortable with that, please feel free to take a BaseCamp box home to do with your family.  In fact, you can even watch the first Wednesday's teaching on Youtube later.  

A special note for those of you participating in Trek- on the third Wednesday, Karen, our Youth Pastor, will be hosting a second "all group" meeting at the church where they will have games, some teaching, and small group discussions on the third Wednesday of the month in the Friendship Center.

One of the questions we always get is- what do we do with the kids?!  The boxes are made with a diversity of ages in mind.  Include them!  Don't feel obligated to get through the whole box or to do every activity.  Some groups just have dinner together as a family and then do one activity around the dinner table and call it a night!  Have older children and teens participate by leading activities, asking questions, and helping facilitate the evening.  And for you older groups, some of the games might seem silly, but give them a shot!  What do you have to lose?  Laughter is good for the heart!

On the last Wednesday of the month, we open up the church's doors again for everyone and invite groups to come and do the "Fun activity" together in the Friendship Center.  Again, if you don't feel comfortable, please feel free to participate online and do this at home (many groups do!). It's usually a shorter night with dinner, a fun activity done together, and then we head home (well, my family always goes to get ice cream afterward!).

We really hope you'll join us this year as we seek to provide intergenerational opportunities for learning about who our Savior is and how to live in light of His truth.  We look forward to seeing you on January 5th at 5:30!  See you then!

and email Candice if your small group would like to meet in the church building